Signature Honeycomb & Bee Wax Melts

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Scent Notes:

Farmstand Apple - crisp apple & green leaves

Day at the Spa - rosemary, garden herbs, & zesty mint

Eucalyptus & Tea Leaves - blue eucalyptus, citrus, & green tea

Oatmeal Milk & Honey - oatmeal , warm milk, honey & almond

Vintage Linen - crisp winte air, musk, & fresh pressed linen

Glazed Lemon Cake - lemon zest, pound cake, & sweet sugar

Garden Party - agave & aloe, flower petals, & soft patchouli

Afternoon Tea - black tea, lemon, & warm vanilla


-Our honeycomb and bee wax melts come with 6 pieces, each equaling around 0.5oz each - a total of 3oz.


-Each wax piece lasts between 8-10 hours and we recommend using 1 piece to start with depending on how large your warmer is. 


-Easily change out your scent by turning off the warmer and using a few cotton balls to soak up leftover wax and wipe out the melting pot. Super easy and no need to wait to change to a new scent!


"BEE" on the lookout for our Seasonal Honey Comb and Bee Wax Melts as well!