About Us

Spurs N' Sage started it's journey in Snohomish, Washington in 2020. After doing business for almost a year, we decided to restructure, add owners, and move the location of the business to Yelm, Washington. Most of you know me, as the creator and sole owner of Spurs N' Sage, but we would like to introduce Curtis and Michaela Rose as the two new owners and operators, that we added during the restructuring of Spurs N' Sage.  

Our Story

We started our journey together in 2011 and got married in 2014, lived in a couple apartments, bought a starter house in Everett, not far from where we both grew up, this where we added our beautiful daughter. 2 years later we moved to Yelm. We bought the house of our dreams with property for a farm and family. Here we were blessed with our son. The last few years here have been a learning experience but, small town farm living is what we were meant for. We  both grew up in the city, but the country was where our true heart lies. We now live on a functional farm with, goats, chickens, and horses. It wasn't until this year that we  made the decision to become  business owners and remain home to parent, farm, and now make candles. It's always been a part of our plan to make adjustments so we could spend more time doing the important things. We started to talk with Madeleine (my sister), about business opportunities and over the course of a couple months it was decided, that the company would restructure and my wife and I would be added as owners. We all have the same vision, we all want the same thing, now we are all doing it together as a family. We all hope you continue to enjoy our products as they become available and we also invite you to follow us along our journey.
~Curtis and Michaela Rose