Maple Pecan Crunch- Mason Jar

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~Maple Pecan Crunch~

Notes of maple syrup, candied pecans & warm spices. This is the candle that makes you feel like it's a lazy Sunday morning in the fall, enjoying a fluffy stack of homemade pancakes drizzled in delicious maple syrup, tossed with pecan & warm spices. 

-100% natural soy wax


-No dyes


 Burn time:

- 40-45 hours (approx.) - 8oz. Mason Jar

- 80-85 hours (approx.) - 16oz. Mason Jar

Please keep in mind that each and every candle is handmade and hand poured which can result in minor imperfections such as wet spots on the glass, frosting (uneven surface once the wax has cooled after burning), slightly off-center labels, slightly off-center wicks, discolored wax.